Meet Our Team – Cory Evans

Cory Evans-1Cory Evans is an Aspen Maintenance Foreman, and is in charge of maintaining lawns. Mowing, leaf removal, and spring-time clean-up (picking up all of the dead “stuff” left over from winter) – these are some of the tasks that Cory is responsible for.

Although he’s just been with us a few months, Cory is making his mark as a great foreman and has demonstrated stellar leadership skills. He is extremely nice and approachable, so if you see him out and about, say Hi!

Name Cory Evans
Area of Specialty Maintenance Foreman
Time with Aspen 6 months
Hobbies Fishing and playing video games
Favorite Landscape Tip Change your direction each time you mow
Favorite Season and why Summer. I like to be outdoors with my family.
Best Part of Living in West Virginia Fishing!
Favorite Food Mexican
Favorite TV Show The Walking Dead
Dream Vacation Destination Rome
Dream Car Lamborghini
Favorite Flower or Plant Sun Cherry
Something we may not know about you I can dance