Our secret weapon – how Aspen “grows” its own professional seed mixture!

aspen seed2Since Aspen Corporation’s business involves grass seed in both the Golf and Landscape divisions, it only makes sense that we are always following the latest research and new trends in grass seed.

Our journey to find the best products for our customers and clients led us to the Williamette Valley in Oregon, which is known as the “grass seed capital of the world.” In fact, almost 2/3 of the nation’s cool-season grasses are produced here. It has the largest independent research facility in the world, funded by multiple growers and multiple resellers.

We were especially impressed with all the test plots. New varieties are planted and studied, and we spent quite a bit of time talking with researchers about how different test plots ranked for color, how much water a grass needs, and overall seed production.

It’s a long arduous process; it can take five to six years and millions of dollars to develop a new grass and bring it into production.

During our research trips, we visited local farmers and saw the field crops; we followed everything right through the process of getting the seed harvested, bagged, and shipped.

And we came up with our own blend of very clean, highly effective grass seed that we use for the landscape portion of our business as well as high-end athletic fields. Our grass seed is geared to our climate in southern West Virginia.

The best news for you?

Once established, the Aspen special blend will produce lawns that use 40% less water to maintain.  40%!

And on existing lawns where we are overseeding each year, those lawns can also save significantly on water use as well, reaching the top 40% reduction in 3-5 years.

This is the third year that we’re using our specific blend on lawns – we have one for high quality lawns and athletic fields, and another blend designed specifically for shady areas.

The Aspen special seed blend is not available commercially, but instead exclusively for our clients and customers.  Fall is the best time for overseeding – and you can take advantage of our special Aspen blend to create a lawn that’s the envy of the neighborhood!