Commonly Asked Questions About Our Warranty

Why is Aspen the best choice to install my landscape?
Aspen’s designer and horticulturalist select only the highest quality in plant material, most of it grown right here in West Virginia. We can guide you through the process to achieve the desired results you want. You will see that quality doesn’t cost, it pays.
Why would any landscape firm offer a lifetime warranty on lawns and plants?
The truth is, not many firms do! Certainly no other landscape firm in the area offers such a warranty, but Aspen does. With Aspen, the customer comes first, and this is just one of many value added services provided with our maintenance programs. We’re confident in offering this warranty because our maintenance programs and plant selection techniques are based on years of experience and state-of-the-art care. Aspen’s professional staff has ongoing continuing education in agronomy, horticulture, and design. So we know our programs work—and we are willing to.
Are there any hidden costs associated with warranty replacements such as labor?
NO HIDDEN COSTS! Labor and material are covered under our warranty program, so there are no surprise charges on your bill.
I’m a full service maintenance customer of Aspen’s and I need some design / horticulture consultation about my landscape. Is there a fee?
No. Aspen provides free design and consultation services to its full service landscape customers—another value-added service for our customers!
How will I know which plants on my property will not be covered by my warranty?
From our experience, we know that some plant species just don’t survive in our area. Sometimes the plant is simply in the wrong place such as shade when it needs sun, etc. Our horticulturalists will review your property and list the specific plants that are not eligible for warranty.
I have a lot of deer in my area that sometimes feed on my ornamental plants. Is this type of damage covered?
No, but we can suggest a list of plants that will be less appealing to the deer. There are many factors involved in why deer feed on plants. Like you, we have no control over the deer, but do know that proper plant selection and location is the key to minimizing damage. Aspen also offers a deer repellant spray program available to help mitigate deer damage.