Meet Our Team – Scott Whitlock

Scott is a heavy equipment operator for the landscape division. It’s a perfect job for someone that loves the outdoors because working in all weather conditions is part of the job!  And working with heavy equipment doesn’t mean you don’t have to get your hands dirty; actually, it’s quite the opposite. What we like about […]

Meet Our Team – Brian Perdieu

Brian has been a valued member of the Aspen team for approximately 8 years as a mowing foreman.  Brian brings his “whatever it takes” attitude in order to get the job done right.  He strives for quality in everything he does. You can train an employee to do a job, but you can’t train someone […]

Meet Our Team – Dave Reynolds

Dave came to us 14 years ago from his hometown of Virginia Beach, giving up his home to make a new one here, in WV and at Aspen. In these 14 years, he has gotten married, added a daughter to the family, and became a Doc (grandfather). Dave started with Aspen as a mow foreman, […]

Meet Our Team – David Thompson

Dave has been with Aspen for approximately 4 years and serves as a Landscape Foreman. He is a master of planning. When tasked with a job, Dave has a systematic method to getting the job done. From the planning to the execution, Dave is highly organized, reliable, and gets the job done. He takes great […]

Meet Our Team – Nick Pugh

Have you seen this face in the field?  If so you are looking at Aspen’s Featured Employee for the month of February.  Nick has been with Aspen for over a  year and in that time, he has cross-trained in several disciplines, including the Lawn Application division, where he is in charge of several accounts. We appreciate […]

Meet Our Team – Shaun Crook

Shaun has been a valued member of the Aspen Team for the last two years. Over this time he has developed his skills to lead crews in the field. When describing Shaun several things come to mind; he is determined, capable, and adaptable, just to name a few. When given a job, he sees that […]

Meet Our Team- Philip Norman

Phil has been with Aspen 26 years and his dedication is evident in everything he does. His hard work and dedication has helped make our Landscape division strong and contributed significantly to our excellent customer satisfaction ratings. Phil is a key component in our snow removal program as well, where he serves as an on-call […]