Mowing and Trimming

Eliminate the aggravation and time involved mowing and maintaining your lawn by having Aspen do it!



Let us design a program designed specifically for your property’s requirements and formulated for this area and the particular time of the year.


Weed Control

Managing the weeds that find their way into your turf and plant beds is a good first step but is not enough for complete “weed” freedom! Aspen’s programs emphasize prevention of weeds and are designed to keep your garden areas attractive and free of invading weeds.


Tree and Shrub Care

Your trees and shrubs represent a growing investment worth protecting. Our program of scheduled inspection and treatment helps to keep all of your ornamentals healthy and in top growing condition. Pruning is best handled only by skilled technicians and only at the time appropriate for the plant. Put our expertise to work to handle your plants’ needs.


Plant Bed Cleaning and Mulching

For your plants to grow and develop into their full potential beauty, plant beds must be properly maintained. Our program can include total care including mulching, cleaning, and weed control on a regular basis to keep your landscape looking its best.


Other Services

› Soil Testing
› Core Aeration
› Slice Seeding
› Automatic Irrigation Systems Maintenance
› Corrective Nutrients
› Spring / Fall Cleanups
› Lawn Renovation
› Snow Clearance
› Pond and Aquatic Care