The problem with voles

photo 3This rose bush was damaged by voles – just completely destroyed. Are you familiar with voles?

Voles are small, mouse-like rodents. Their short tails, stocky build, and small eyes distinguish them from true mice. Voles can cause problems by damaging lawns, gardens, tree plantings, and other plants. Vole damage is costliest during the winter when a shortage of preferable foods forces them to eat the inner green layers of bark on trees and shrubs.

Voles don’t always cause significant damage to property however, if a large population or damage becomes a concern, control may be necessary. Three DIY options are:

  1. Exterminating with poisonous baits or mouse traps
  2. Repelling the voles from plants with fences
  3. Catching voles live and relocating from property

And of course, you can always call Aspen to take care of these and other garden pests!