Overcoming Common Lawn Problems

Well-kept beautiful lawns are not achieved without steadfast commitment and routine maintenance! And as much effort and time that is spent, too often, other things besides grass have a way of creeping into the most pristine manicured lawns. Some common lawn annoyances and the solutions for these potential eyesores are below. Weeds: Common perennial weeds […]

Meet Our Team: Charles Day

A recent new addition to the team, Charles Day brings several years of outdoor experience and an eagerness to join a company where he can build a long-term career. Charles has shown enthusiasm and potential from his first day and continues to lead fellow teammates by example. As Aspen continues to grow, we are so […]

Meet Our Team: Clarence Hairston

Clarence Hairston is a familiar friendly face to many of our customers. With over 25 years with Aspen, Clarence is truly an Aspen star – a great representative for excellent customer service. ¬†Here are a few fun facts about Clarence:   Name: Clarence Hairston Area of Specialty: Full Service Lawn Maintenance Time with Aspen: 25 […]

The problem with voles

This rose bush was damaged by voles – just completely destroyed. Are you familiar with voles? Voles are small, mouse-like rodents. Their short tails, stocky build, and small eyes distinguish them from true mice. Voles can cause problems by damaging lawns, gardens, tree plantings, and other plants. Vole damage is costliest during the winter when […]