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Is lime right for your lawn?

Want a great lawn in the spring? It starts now, in the fall, when caring for the lawn can provide long lasting benefits. As most plant lovers know, proper care including providing supplemental nutrients can turn an average lawn into a brighter green beauty, sure to catch the eyes of the neighborhood. Along with fertilizers, […]

Water Features Flow On

A small piece of magic, soothing sound, and aesthetic delight are all achieved when a water feature is added to a landscape. Incorporating a water feature into your property can require a minimal investment with maximum results. There are many, many choices of pre-constructed fountain and pond systems.  Get started with a simple pond using […]

Overcoming Common Lawn Problems

Well-kept beautiful lawns are not achieved without steadfast commitment and routine maintenance! And as much effort and time that is spent, too often, other things besides grass have a way of creeping into the most pristine manicured lawns. Some common lawn annoyances and the solutions for these potential eyesores are below. Weeds: Common perennial weeds […]