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Meet Our Team – Shaun Crook

Shaun has been a valued member of the Aspen Team for the last two years. Over this time he has developed his skills to lead crews in the field. When describing Shaun several things come to mind; he is determined, capable, and adaptable, just to name a few. When given a job, he sees that […]

Meet Our Team- Philip Norman

Phil has been with Aspen 26 years and his dedication is evident in everything he does. His hard work and dedication has helped make our Landscape division strong and contributed significantly to our excellent customer satisfaction ratings. Phil is a key component in our snow removal program as well, where he serves as an on-call […]

Meet Our Team – George Whiteman

George has worked for Aspen Corporation for almost 3 years in the Landscape Division. He shows up every morning ready to start the day with a great attitude.  George takes pride in his work and it shows. When speaking with George’s supervisors, the adjectives reliable, valuable, capable, motivated, and conscientious were used several times.  Dependability […]

Meet Our Team – Brian Phillips

Brian Phillips came to Aspen right out of high school.  If you asked him then what he did at Aspen, he would have said, “I’ll do anything I’m asked.” In the 8 years he’s been with Aspen since then, he has filled several positions. Today if you asked us what Brian does at Aspen we’d […]

Meet Our Team – Dean Myles

Dean has been a valued member of the Aspen Team for over 5 years serving as our Production/Property  Manager for the Landscape Division. As a Certified Professional Horticulturist, Dean is well versed in the horticulture field and has extensive native plant knowledge but that alone is not what makes Dean stand out. If asked about […]

Meet Our Team – Brian Knight

Although Brian’s primary functions fall into our Reclamation division, this versatile employee also performs some behind-the-scenes work for our Landscaping division! Brian always has a kind word and a lending hand wherever he is needed. With his job comes a lot of responsibility but he always takes on his assignments with a positive attitude.  The […]

Meet Our Team – Bill Farmer

As our Fleet Manager, Bill Farmer is responsible for keeping our vehicles and equipment, large and small, up and running. Because he worked in all aspects of the trucking industry, including being a owner-operator, Bill brought a vast store of knowledge when he joined Aspen. When given a job, Bill will see to it that […]

Meet Our Team – Bruce Grant

Bruce is one of the easiest going people you will ever meet.  “It’s not my job” is simply not in his vocabulary.   He goes above and beyond to ensure whatever he does is completed to the best of his ability. Bruce is one of Aspen’s most knowledgeable employees when it comes to anything lawn related, […]

Meet Our Team – Cory Evans

Cory Evans is an Aspen Maintenance Foreman, and is in charge of maintaining lawns. Mowing, leaf removal, and spring-time clean-up (picking up all of the dead “stuff” left over from winter) – these are some of the tasks that Cory is responsible for. Although he’s just been with us a few months, Cory is making […]