Meet Our Team – Dean Myles

dmylesDean has been a valued member of the Aspen Team for over 5 years serving as our Production/Property  Manager for the Landscape Division. As a Certified Professional Horticulturist, Dean is well versed in the horticulture field and has extensive native plant knowledge but that alone is not what makes Dean stand out.

If asked about Dean, one of the first things that people will tell you  is that he always leads by example. He is on the job site daily, ensuring that the work that is being done meets or exceeds Aspen’s standards. He encourages his men to strive for excellence with his dedication to each project, each property, each customer and each and every member of the Aspen team.


Dean Myles

Area of Specialty:

Production Manager/Aspen Property Manager

Time with Aspen:

5 years



Favorite Landscape Tip:

Well maintained landscape can add 10% to your property value.

Favorite Season and Why:

Spring. Everything is Fresh and New.

Best Part of Living in West Virginia:

Experiencing all 4 Seasons.

Favorite Food:

Pecan Pie (Anything my mom made)

Favorite Book, Band, Movie or TV Show:

Westerns, Gun Smoke, Rifleman, etc.

Dream Vacation Destination:

Alaska to pan for Gold.

Dream Car:

1967 427/4 Speed Corvette

Favorite Flower or Plant:

Weeping Red Bud Tree.

Something We May Not Know About You …

That I like to cook.